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Free space

Posted in Features, Free, Internet with tags on April 13, 2011 by Edwin Boender

Since a while I have been using Dropbox with great pleasure. 2Gb space for free, easy to use and some nice features like public folders and sharing files. Also the possibility to install Dropbox on your iPhone, Android or PC/Mac is neat.
Despite those advantages, I was curious about alternatives and I had been using SkyDrive from Microsoft a while.
SkyDrive offers you loads of free space (25Gb) but has no application running on your device or PC. Although drag and drop is available on Windows(7). At the other hand you can make use of some native apps like Sorami on your Android.
Other free alternatives are published on:
Futhermore (I have no idea if Dropbox has disproved this matter) there are some rumors about the vulnerability of Dropbox:


Navigation for free

Posted in Features with tags on December 10, 2010 by Edwin Boender

Wondering if navigation software could be free, just slashed my mind. Not only is Waze totally free, it also give one the opportunity to participate on its social network enclosed as well.
Tom Tom surprised the world by integrating other users position to avoid traffic jam. Waze goes even further by letting users add e.g. car accidents, roadworks, radarcontrols and even photos certain situations.
But they also added a game element by letting users gaining point by driving on a “candy” or make more miles.
Available on iPhone and Android.


Posted in Features, Music on September 18, 2008 by Edwin Boender

It is a little shame that does not work anymore in Europe. But you never know what is around the corner. I found out that last fm has got the same funtionality and more.

A great plug in for Firefox (look for at add ons) let you enjoy almost any kind of artist. The same functionality is being used in order to let them decide which artist are similar to the one you choose.

While opening Firefox you just listen to you favorite artists (or alike) without going to last fm site.


Posted in Features with tags on September 14, 2008 by Edwin Boender

Today added a new feature to Firefox, called Clipmarks. It seems to be that this makes it easier to collect and store bookmarks.

Tomorrow I will fly to London for some meetings with my customer. I will keep you posted about new developement as my collegue will discuss the latest roadmap of Sun.