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Open Eco

Posted in Business, Internet on September 25, 2008 by Edwin Boender

How many organisations are currently working on corporate social responsibility (CSR) or using the term “Green” or “Eco friendly”?

I always wonder what they really do regarding sustainability and if so, how they gained their information. Today for the information part, finally a online community has been setup. You can gain information or share it with other companies. And even better, you can compare your self with other companies, even in the same area.

On a few companies invested in sharing information about how to make your company CSR friendly. That fact seems to be already CSR.

I know that a few customers already are using this site to develop policy regarding CRS and to let their customers see the results.


Things to do

Posted in Business, Internet on September 24, 2008 by Edwin Boender

Just saw a great webiste, especially if you are one of those types who is forgetting something now and then.

Remember the milk sounds funny, but it is a pretty serious task mananger. The good thing is that they integrated with multiple platforms like google calander, all kind of devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry and that you are able to let this site send you email, sms or instant messenges.

And for our Firefox users, you can integrate it with Lighting (the online calander function).

Oh and btw it’s free

Commercial Open Source

Posted in Business with tags on September 22, 2008 by Edwin Boender

I really like the term, “Commercial Open Source”. It is Open Source and/or free of charge if you use the lite or standard version. In most cases for small businesses or when you want to use it for your one no big deal. When your company is growing and you need more features or users, the vendor is going to charge. Is there a way back? Proberly not, your little system contains to much information and your users have gone familair with the tools.

Good exampes are, Suger CRM, YesHello, some Google Apps, Hyperic, etc.

By using these kind of sales models, you may be certain that they use the revenue for some kind of R&D and hopefully the vendor grows, where you as an user may feel the benefits.

More music

Posted in Internet, Music on September 20, 2008 by Edwin Boender

This site goes futhers where others like last fm stop. extracts songs from youtube, without much ads and other entertainments.

I have no idea if this is legal and which role exactly plays youtube in this case. In the meantime it is pleasurable listening to your favourite artists and the possibility to pick out your songs.

Choose the songs you like


Posted in Features, Music on September 18, 2008 by Edwin Boender

It is a little shame that does not work anymore in Europe. But you never know what is around the corner. I found out that last fm has got the same funtionality and more.

A great plug in for Firefox (look for at add ons) let you enjoy almost any kind of artist. The same functionality is being used in order to let them decide which artist are similar to the one you choose.

While opening Firefox you just listen to you favorite artists (or alike) without going to last fm site.

Multi threaded

Posted in Hardcore IT with tags on September 17, 2008 by Edwin Boender

Yesterday the focus was on multi threaded environments. As the speed of memory is a crucial bottleneck, increasing the speed compute power (Ghz) does not lead to significant results. Currently Sun is delivering 64 threads on a chip, soon 128 threads cips are coming out and rumors tell us that 1024 threads chips must see day light soon.

Just red an Dutch article about multi threading, without mentioning Sun as a supplier. Even worse, they let us know that most of the current application do not perform well on multi threaded environments. They must have missed that Java apps are all multi threaded. More and more software suppliers are seeing the benefits of developing multi threaded apps for their customers. Logical; they save money on the hardware and last but not least the assumption of compute power decreases significant. Green idea?


Posted in Features with tags on September 14, 2008 by Edwin Boender

Today added a new feature to Firefox, called Clipmarks. It seems to be that this makes it easier to collect and store bookmarks.

Tomorrow I will fly to London for some meetings with my customer. I will keep you posted about new developement as my collegue will discuss the latest roadmap of Sun.